At Storm King State Park

Those who love outdoor sculpture might enjoy a day at Storm King State Park in Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York. You can rent a bike so that you can cover all 600 acres in one day, though the price is astronomical (for a good cause, though…)

This one reminds me of my mother’s old clothesline. I hope the artist, if he or she is reading this, is not offended.


I like the framing aspect of this one. ¬†Every time I hear the word “framing,” I think of the narrative structure of Wuthering Heights. (FYI, WordPress just auto-corrected Wuthering to Withering Heights, which is a completely different book by Dorothy Cannell…)


Years ago I edited an art history textbook and learned about the Nike of Samothrace, which was (one theory goes) mounted to the prow of a ship.  This piece remind me of the N.o.S.


I loved this one. Trees among the trees.


This massive Buddha is the show-stopper. Not pictured is a funky young park employee, who admitted that her job is basically to prevent people from climbing onto the Buddha.


How this one stays in an upright position is a mystery to me (it sure isn’t because of the gal “holding” it up).