Miss Prim’s Net Worth Goes Up


While surfing the Web, I came across this Amazon ad for The Outsmarting of Criminals, cover price $24.00, and yet selling, somehow, for $66.74. At one point there was a copy of Outsmarting for sale on Amazon for over $2,000 (wish I had taken a photo of that for my online scrapbook).

I don’t know how these prices get set, but the mere idea that someone would be willing to pay $2K for a first printing (at least I assume it was a first printing) of Miss Prim’s first adventure tickles me pink, especially because the most I have ever paid for a book was $200. I bought it at an absolutely amazing rare-book store in Halliwell, Maine: a first printing of Agatha Christie’s Crooked House. It was one of those, “I’ll never have this opportunity again, so I’m taking it” moments.

Still, wouldn’t it be nice if somehow, someday, there’s a collector’s market for my books, and rare editions sell for $2,000? That would be one very nice indicator of success, but I’d probably be dead by that point, so that’s the down side.