Deadly Ink Recap

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Deadly Ink, New Jersey’s homegrown mystery lovers’ convention, was held last weekend in New Brunswick, NJ. It was the usual weekend of mayhem and collegiality, with guest of honor Brad Parks and toastmaster E.F. Watkins. I particularly enjoyed Brad and Eileen’s (E.F.’s) lunchtime discussion about the current state of journalism (even though it was a bit depressing).

My personal best for the weekend was being awarded the David S. Sasher Award for Best Mystery of 2014 for The Outsmarting of Criminals. I was honored to share the award with my friend Jeff Markowitz, who also won for his book Death and White Diamonds, starring a murderous Richie Cunningham (yes, the reference to Happy Days is intentional, if Jeff is to be believed — which he isn’t, always).

On the list of nominees was a very worthy and important mystery, Jeff Cohen / E.J. Copperman’s The Question of the Missing Head, which is narrated by Samuel Hoenig, a young man (late 20s) with Asperger’s Syndrome. I’ve always been a fan of unique voices in crime fiction, like Eva Wylie in Liza Cody’s series and Romulus Ledbetter in George Dawes Green’s The Caveman’s Valentine. To even been nominated alongside a book like The Question of the Missing Head was an honor in itself.

Next year’s Deadly Ink will feature Reed Farrel Coleman as the guest of honor. I was just looking at his home page and I wish I could look as tough and mystery-writerish as he does. So mark your calendars for next year’s Deadly Ink…


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