New York: A City for Typography


In The Outsmarting of Criminals, Miss Felicity Prim finds many reasons to love New York City; for example, she has a particularly excellent view of Madison Square Park from her rent-controlled apartment on East 26th Street.

It occurred to me today that one of the things Miss Prim really appreciates about New York is its typography. Walking along the streets, one doesn’t see much, if any, Times New Roman or Helvetica. No, the typography on the storefronts and restaurants is art. See, for example, the typography in the photo above, the logo of an optician’s shop on the Upper West Side. How cool is that?

Miss Prim doesn’t mention her love of typography in Outsmarting, but I feel certain that she will do so in the sequel. In fact, I think she may mention how much she likes the Baskerville typeface, which is the font in which the book is set. The font for the chapter titles is one I hadn’t seen or even heard of before I saw page proof for the book: Zapfino.