No Graffiti, Please

No Graffiti

I think the city of New York needs to better understand the importance of good typography.

Here is a serious, rather long-winded anti-graffiti policy posted on one of the 10,000 construction sites in NYC. Do the Powers That Be picture a graffiti artist/tagger running up to a blank wall, spray paint in hand, and stopping to read a bunch of legalese?

I’m not a graffiti artist (I only play one on TV), but I think people like Banksy and others would see these signs as a sort of challenge they simply cannot resist.

I wish this photo were better: I took it around midnight with a cell phone. Next time I’m in that neighborhood, I’m going to walk past this site again to see if the dire warning has kept those pieces of plywood nice and pristine. I am not feeling very hopeful…


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