Rules for Living … and Aging

Rules for Aging


I came to these two very different books in different ways. They represent both sides of the self-help coin.

I met Kingsley Gallup, author of Project Personal Freedom, at BookCon 2014. I liked her forthright style, and as she was signing books, I flipped through this one. I liked what I saw. This is a page-a-day book, with a piece of advice or wisdom for each day. The book focuses on what’s most important in life – in finding yourself, being true to yourself, and trying to live a life that you find fulfilling. Life goes by in a rush, and I know that I don’t always take the time to step back and assess … everything. Kingsley’s book encourages you to do exactly that.

Roger’s Rosenblatt’s Rules for Aging is a very different book. I found it while browsing the Bas Bleu catalog. While Kingsley’s book generates light, Roger’s is the cynic’s delight. What word, other than cynic, can you use to characterize a man who advises you to consult with people you don’t respect, and then send them thank-you notes? And yet, there’s a certain wisdom in here that will make anyone of a certain age smile and nod.

Years ago I read an article stating that self-help books really can and do help people; these books ably do exactly that, but in very different ways. I enjoyed both.


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