The Great Pumpkin


Just in time for Halloween, and with thanks to Linus van Pelt, I am pleased to present … the Great Pumpkin!

This splendid pumpkin is being raffled off at a Hannaford supermarket in York, Maine. It was painted by a local artist, and the photo doesn’t do justice to this ephemeral piece of art. Quite a celebration of the season, I think. I entered the raffle, but because I’m unlikely to win, this photo will have to be my key memory of this year’s great pumpkin.


There’s Always Room for Art


This photo was taken yesterday on West 23rd Street in Manhattan. I was walking along and I noticed this mini outdoor installation behind a forbidding iron grate that separates the sidewalk from the building.

I felt that I had discovered something unexpectedly delightful – a “found installation” that doesn’t advertise itself but rewards passersby who stop to notice.

This unnamed, uncredited work reminded me of Louise Nevelson’s sculptures, which I encountered for the first time when I was editing an art history textbook a number of years ago. I just wish the photo better displayed the work (the photo was taken at night on a camera phone).

The Latest from J. E. Larson


Many people have asked me about the cover artist for The Outsmarting of Criminals. His name is J. E. Larson and his beautiful drawings are now gracing a new book called Hades Speaks! by Vicky Alvear Shecter.

As you might guess from the cover, the drawings in the book are a bit more underworld than the more light-hearted cover of Outsmarting. I hunted all over the Net to try to find a few more images from the book, but I couldn’t find any (beyond the cover) and I don’t want to infringe any copyrights. But you can find more samples of Mr. Larson’s work by clicking here. Isn’t the detail magnificent? One of my great frustrations in life is that I have zero (and I do mean ZERO) artistic talent. But I think even the most talented artists might despair when looking at these images, knowing that they could not come up with something so … perfect.