In Good Company

I got the shock of my life last week when The Outsmarting of Criminals was selected as an editor’s pick by Oprah’s book club. Those who would like to follow Miss Prim’s adventures can find the recommendation here.

Outsmarting was listed as one of “Five Mysteries for Women Who Read Like Fiends.” What a tremendous compliment it is to see the book described this way. I also like the fact that the title might even refer to Miss Prim herself.

I feel humbled to be mentioned alongside other writers (Julia Keller, Chelsea Cain, Chevy Stevens, and Kwei Quartey), who have all been doing this much longer than I have!


4 thoughts on “In Good Company

  1. I discovered Miss Prim in the “new” section of my local library. I couldn’t resist the title or the Gorey-like art on the cover. Congratulations on this! I am not surprised your book was chosen; I’m on page 240 and will be sorry to finish it. As an Agatha Christie fan who has almost finished all her stories (and most recently her autobiography), I’m hoping I might have a new relationship to look forward to with Miss Prim. Very clever!

    • Thank you for writing, and I can promise that there will be more Miss Prim in the future!
      I am Christie fan as well. I just finished Five Little Pigs (known in America as Murder in Retrospect). Dame Agatha did it all–and rumor has it that she even enjoyed Mrs. Mallowan’s Lemon Sugar on occasion.

      • That’s good news. Oh the lemon sugar – love that – is it for real? I was actually looking up a couple of the authors you mention in the book (can’t wait to read Marjorie Eccles) when I decided to look you up as well and found your blog. I don’t think I’ve crossed off Five Little Pigs on my AC list yet, but I’m about to start a non-fiction book by Jared Cade called Agatha Christie and the Eleven Missing Days. She doesn’t mention this in her autobiography, but I’m curious about it. What a gal. Looking up the lemon sugar next!

  2. I made up Mrs. Mallowan’s Lemon Sugar, but I have seen recipes on the Internet for lemon sugar, so it is out there…
    I read the Jared Cade book about a year ago. I think you will leave it feeling that you know the full story behind Agatha’s disappearance. I thought Cade drew a very unsympathetic picture of Agatha’s daughter, Rosalind (aka Teddy). I wonder how Cade feels about the new Sophie Hannah book?

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