The View from Stuyvesant Square

Stuyvestant Park

I was walking through Manhattan’s Lower East Side and happened on Stuyvesant Square Park. I’d forgotten how pretty it is.

Stuyvesant Square is one of those parks that for me epitomizes the New York City small park. Miss Prim lived for many years on the edge of Madison Square Park, a much larger park and a major thoroughfare. Stuyvesant is more out of the way, a quiet place to eat lunch or read a book.

One of my goals is to someday get myself into Gramercy Park. This is a private park at the terminus of Irving Place in the east teens near Park Avenue. If I’m not mistaken, the buildings that surround the park own it. If you live in one of those buildings, you get a “key to the park” that allows you to open the gates and enter. After all these years of living in the NYC area, I still haven’t made it inside. Someday….


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