But Is It Art?


This photo was taken in front of the Chitchat Diner in Maywood, New Jersey.

Art? Conversation piece? Atrocity? You be the judge.


2 thoughts on “But Is It Art?

  1. http://www.englewoodgov.org/our-community/regional-transportation-services/art-circulator-shuttle unfortunately they do not list an example photo, but there is one that mimmicks a slice of watermelon in sheet steel. another is a bent pole with something floweresque… but my point is not whether it’s art or atrocity but the fact it’s bought and paid for…and because of this it’s more helpful really if it is an atrocity as such proves a reaction. and at heart anything that is for reactions obtaining one is at least successful there.

    • You make an excellent point. Years ago, I was involved as an editor on the first edition of Marilyn Stokstad’s ambitious Art History book. I remember these conversations well, about the value of public art and some of the controversies surrounding it. Marilyn was one of the first art historians to include craft arts in her book, and as I recall she was a big fan of public art, as are so many others. Thanks for writing! – Steve

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