Viva Gargoyles



What kind of creature, mythical or otherwise, manages to be frightening and charming simultaneously? I think gargoyles have a monopoly on that category.

The handsome fellow pictured here was 50% off at the garden center. Now he adorns the slab leading to my front door, which seemed like the perfect place for him. Interestingly, the tag around his neck had labeled him as a chimera, but I don’t think he meets the criteria. A chimera is part goat, part snake, and part lion, and I don’t see any goat here. The snake, though, can be seen in his sea-serpent-like tail (not shown here).

I’d like to write a book about gargoyles at some point. I don’t know much about the science fiction and fantasy genres, but that has never stopped me before ….


2 thoughts on “Viva Gargoyles

  1. I just learned last year that gargoyles on roofs are actually downspouts – when it rains hard they are meant to direct rain off the roof (mostly through their mouths)

    • The first time I ever saw them was on the cathedral at Notre Dame. The tour guide said their job was to ward off evil spirits–and to drain the rain off the building!

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