Celebrating 35 Years with a Box of Staples

I had a moment that I thought Miss Prim would appreciate.

When I was a teenager, I received an Arrow stapler as a birthday gift. With that stapler came a box of staples. Now, 35 years later, I have put the last line of staples from that box into the stapler.

It is sort of amazing to me to think that with all the times I’ve moved from place to place, and even when I lived in really small spaces that allowed zero room for clutter, that Arrow stapler has always been with me. It’s a solid piece of work that will likely survive into the next millennium.

I know – a boring topic for a blog post. But I think Miss Prim would appreciate this stapler, with its old-world reliability, its associations of a happy birthday more than three decades ago, and its understated omnipresence and competence. 


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