Miss Prim (and I) on Mystery News

Fans of the mystery genre are undoubtedly familiar with Omnimystery/Mystery News, a diverse, curated Website filled with a wealth of goodies for mystery lovers, including the latest hardcovers and paperbacks, reviews, mystery games, and a blog by the man who runs it all, Lance Wright, who also tweets and Facebooks. I don’t know how he does it all, but he does a great service to the mystery-reading and -writing community. 

Today, Mystery News features an interview with me, discussing a bit about Miss Prim, including the secrets of my research techniques (or lack thereof), the inspiration behind some of the characters’ names in The Outsmarting of Criminals, and my general ignorance of media.  You can read the interview here.  





2 thoughts on “Miss Prim (and I) on Mystery News

    • Hi, Jack. How is everything with you? Anything new in the works? Will you be attending Deadly Ink this year? It’ll be in New Brunswick (NJ) in early August. See you there?

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