Miss Prim Visits Dru’s Book Musings

At Bouchercon 2013, I was fortunate enough to meet Dru Ann Love, a Brooklyn-based mystery lover and blogger.  Dru kindly invited me to do a guest blog for her, and it is live today at Dru’s Book Musings.

Dru’s blog has a unique take on guest bloggers. She asks her bloggers to write from the point of view of their protagonists to introduce their books. So, today on Dru’s Book Musings, Miss Felicity Prim, heroine/protagonist of The Outsmarting of Criminals, introduces herself and talks a little about her need to flee New York City. Please feel free to make Miss Prim’s acquaintance by clicking here.


Here’s a little more back story for anyone who might be interested:

Several months (or was it years?) ago, I was in an art gallery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They were selling a print that reads as follows:


How does this relate to Dru’s blog? Well, I guess you could say that when somebody asks me to write something, my initial reaction is always, “Yes, I can do that.” By which I mean that I blithely assume I can take on a writing challenge and figure out a way to make it work.

But blogging for Dru taught me a lesson, which is this: It’s really, really challenging to switch from third person to first person with a particular set of characters. The Outsmarting of Criminals is told in third person, but for Dru’s blog I had to write Miss Prim in the first person. This was surprisingly difficult, even though I of course know Miss Prim quite well. I’ve written books in first person (Androgynous Murder House Party, parts of Circle of Assassins) and books in third person (The Outsmarting of Criminals, Who Gets the Apartment?) and if I had to make a blanket statement, I would say that for me it is slightly easier to write in first person. So, why should it have been so difficult to convert Miss Prim from third to first for Dru’s blog? There must be some cognitive process at work (or not at work here). I think I will look into it and report back if I discover anything intriguing.



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