Animus International? NO: Malice Domestic!

I am eagerly awaiting the Malice Domestic conference, held this year in Bethesda, Maryland, the first weekend in May. It will be a bit intimidating to be surrounded by so much talent … maybe some of it will rub off!

I’m fortunate enough to be taking part in a panel on Sunday, May 4th, at 9 a.m.,  titled “The Dating Game: Authors Reveal Their Fictional Crushes.” Our moderator, Catriona McPherson (author of the Dandy Gilver series), is planning a surprise format. It promises to be great fun with a superb selection of bachelorettes and one lone bachelor (yours truly).

I haven’t met any of the other panelists, but just from chatting with them over email, I can tell they’re a hoot. My partners in crime will be: 

  • Joanna Carl, aka Eve K. Sandstrom, who clearly loves her chocolate;
  • Hannah Dennison, whose book Murder at Honeychurch Hall has one of the most beautiful covers of the season; and  
  • Maddy Hunter, whose book titles make it clear that she has traveled more widely, and has in general lived a more interesting life, than I have.

A listing of the full Malice Domestic program can be found here. How can you not attend and have great time? If you do attend, please say hello – I will be the person who looks the LEAST like his protagonist (I think).



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