From the Corner of a Mysterious Universe

Thus begins my first blog entry, ever. Exciting? Intimidating? Will anyone read it or show any interest whatsoever? That’s the most intimidating question of all.

Back in my grad school days, I was forever reading 18th- and 19th-century English novels, many of which had undergone serial publication. Who can forget Samuel Richardson’s Pamela, so ably lampooned later in Henry Fielding’s Shamela? When the virtuous Pamela finally marries Mr. B. in the final installment, church bells throughout England rang in celebration.

And it does seem to me that  today’s readers enjoy “episodes” just as much, looking forward to the next installment of their favorite TV show or series character.

So, here on the Greenfields blog (named for Greenfield, Connecticut, the setting of my first cozy mystery, The Outsmarting of Criminals), I thought I might try my own effort at serializing a novella that was complimented (but ultimately rejected) by the editor of  Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine. One thing I’ve learned is that editors don’t give compliments unless they really mean them, so I feel confident in putting this out there.

I’ll update with a couple of installments per week until readers get to the surprise ending. (I’m a sucker for a surprise ending, myself.)

So with that, I present KIDNAPPED: the tale of a boy kidnapped in New York City’s Greenwich Village – and the secrets harbored by everyone in his family.


One thought on “From the Corner of a Mysterious Universe

  1. Steve, I love the start of your novella! And, yes, I like serializations, but, rats, now I have to wait for the next installment (conflict of feelings).

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